Lecture Outline
Pastoral Nomads and the Silk Road

I. Why are nomads important?

A. Location.
B. Vocation.
C. Transportation.
D. Interdiction.

II. How to look at the nomadic experience.

A. The biases of sedentary societies.
B. Is modern observation relevant?
C. The nature of the sources--material culture and written material.
D. The world through the nomads' eyes.

III. Nomadic life and culture.

A. Why and where nomadize?
B. Ecology and daily life.
1. Housing: yurts, gers, etc.
2. Food and clothing.
C. Interaction with sedentary societies.
1. Essentials.
2. Luxuries.
D. Nature, beliefs, community.

IV. Historical continuity and change.