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Office: 104D UWBB
Tel: +1 425.352.3332
Fax: +1 425.252.5277
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School of Business
University of Washington Bothell
Box 358533
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011
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Research: My primary research interests are audit markets, financial reporting and managerial accounting. More generally, I am interested in applying economic theory and statistical methods, particularly tools from production theory to understand accounting and auditing institutions and activity. Get more details on my research page or on ssrn or cv. Here are links to my UWB page and to the UWB School of Business Dean's Distinguished Speaker Series, Research Seminar Series and Brown Bag Series pages.

Teaching: I teach accounting in the School of Business at The University of Washington Bothell.

Personal: 58 words about me from a book on Murshidabad to which I contributed a chapter. An example of 19th century Murshidabadi architecture ... Indian eclecticism circa the 1870s.

My Illinois Web page is archived here (together with the old link structure).

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