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se AyAvAi, logAvAi, kiriyAvAi, kammAvAi
The enlightened one believes in soul, world, action and consequence

akarissam caham, kAravesum caham, karao yAvi samanunne bhavissAmi
Having acted oneself, having caused others to act or approving of others' actions

eyAvanti savvAvanti logassim kamma-samArambhA parijAniyavvA bhavanti
comprehend that all such worldy actions are the source of bondage and forswear them.

aprinnAya-kamme khalu ayam purise jo imAo disAo vA anudisAo vA anusamcarai
savvAo disAo savvAo anudisAo saheti anegruUvAo jonIyo samdhei
virUvarUve phAse ya padisamvedei
Those who do not comprehend this transmigrate in all directions.
Burdened with karma, taking many births, binding their souls to various bodies
they experience all manner of suffering.

tattha khalu bhagvayA parinna paveiyA.
Thus the Venerable One taught discernment.

Imassa ceva jIviyassa parivamdana-mAnana-pUyanAye jAi-marana-poyanAe dukkhapadighAyaheum
For survival, for honor and reverence, for birth, death and liberation,
to prevent miseries -- these are the reasons why humans act.

eyAvamti savvAvamti logamsi kammasamArambhA parijAniyavva bhavanti
Comprehend that actions in this world are the cause of karma and forswear them.

jassete logamsi kamma-samArambhA parinnAyA bhavamti se hu muni parinnAya-kamme.
One who has discerned and forsworn karma inducing actions is a true muni who has renounced action.

Acharanga Sutra (1:5-1:12).

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