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I am a Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry at the University of Washington-Bothell . I am also an adjunct Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington Seattle.  My areas of expertise are in global and regional atmospheric pollution, especially carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen oxides, aerosols and metals and in long range transport of air pollution in the Arctic and Pacific regions. I am especially interested in the rapidly developing regions of Asia. Over the past 10 years I have been studying these pollutants at sites in Alaska, Russia, Japan, and several island stations in the Pacific Ocean. I enjoy teaching environmental science and in developing new environmental science curriculum for college and secondary school classes. I am also quite involved with the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry program which is an international effort to understand the chemistry of the atmosphere, especially the impacts from human activities. On this website you will find information on both my research and teaching along with email addresses for current members of my group and various pictures from Washington and Alaska.  I invite you to explore the information on my webpage and send any questions to me at  djaffe@u.washington.edu

 Sincerely. Dan Jaffe.


Front row (L to R):  Anna McClintick, James (JB) Dennison, Julie Snow.

Back row (L to R): Heather Price, Peter Weiss, Dan Jaffe, Issac Bertschi, Arrie Symmes


Current Research Projects and real-time data access

Pacific Forecasting Tools

Frequently Asked Questions about dust and pollution in the Pacific

Publications in Environmental Chemistry Education

 Publications in Atmospheric Chemistry and Transport

BES 301/397: Science Methods and Practice

BLS 386: Global Environmental Issues

BES 311: Environmental Chemistry

BES 315: Environmental Chemistry Lab

BES 430: Air Pollution and Health

Letter to Prospective Graduate Students


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