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1.     Jaffe, D.A. and S. Herndon, The Measurement of Carbon Monoxide in Auto Exhaust by Gas Chromatography, J. Chem. Ed., 72, 364-366, 1995. Abstract   Electronic version of full paper not available yet, check back again or email me to request a paper copy.

2.     Jaffe D.A., Griffin D., and Ricker J. Analyzing Cigarette Smoke.  The Science Teacher v.64 (December), 29-33, 1997. Abstract   Full paper

3.     Jaffe D.A. and Chavasse L. Comparing the CO content of cigarette smoke and auto exhaust using gas chromatography.  J.College Sci. Teaching, pgs.172-176,  Dec. 1999. Abstract   Full paper

4.     Jaffe D.A. and Vos R., Measurement of Carbon Monoxide in Auto Exhaust Using a Fast and Inexpensive Sensor.  Submitted to the Journal of College Science Teaching, May, 2002.  Abstract   Full paper