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cd New Regulations to Protect Pets from Flea Poison
March 26, 2010

Fleas and ticks can be bothersome pests for cats and dogs. To control these pests, many people use monthly "spot-on" pesticide treatments on the backs of their pets. But these treatments may also have their own problems. Spot-on pesticides may make some animals, especially small dogs and cats, sick. cd

Some spot-on pesticides contain a chemical called permethrin. Permethrin acts on the nervous system by slowing the closure of sodium channels on neurons. This interferes with the way electrical signals are sent through neurons and can cause paralysis and death.

cd The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received a sharp increase in the number of problems reported by people who used various pesticides on their pets. Therefore, the EPA is issuing some new rules:

Let's hope these new rules protect little Fido and Tiger!

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