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Neuroscience For Kids

2007-2008 writing contest

The 2007-2008 Neuroscience for Kids Writing Contest is closed. Entries were due on February 1, 2008.

Here are a few of the winning entries from the 2008 Writing Contest:

Declan S., Fremont, NH - Kindergarten to Grade 2 Winner (Poem, any style):

Wear a helmet on your head
While you're riding with your friend
And keep your brain safe and sound
While you're riding around and around.
Use your brain to figure out and see
And be careful not to hit a tree.

Erin Y., Cinnaminson, NJ - Grade 3 to Grade 5 Winner (Rhyming Poem):

The brain is the boss that runs the show
It does a lot more than just store what you know.
The cerebrum is the biggest part
It controls your speech, muscles and helps you do art.
The pituitary is as small as a pea
It determines how tall you will grow to be.
Other functions are to help you breathe, digest your food,
Circulate blood, and control your mood
Eat right, exercise, and be good to your brain
If you do, you have much to gain.

Max W., Natick, MA - Grade 6 to Grade 8 Winner: (Haiku style poem):

Dementia, you thief
Leaving so little behind
All is forgotten

Helen J., Shoreline, WA - Grade 9 to Grade 12 (Limerick style poem):

Brain cells destroyed and memory is drained,
Worse and worse until nothing is retained,
Scientists commit,
Trying to fix it,
Until then, a life, a family, constrained.

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