Neuroscience Coloring Book

Color these pictures and make your own coloring book filled with drawings about neuroscience. You could also use these pictures for overhead projections. Just click on any of the pictures to see a full-sized picture. Then click on the "print" button of your browser to print out the picture. Color the picture and label the drawing if you like. Use the "Back" button of your browser to get you back to this page.

A 10 page neuroscience coloring book is also available in ENGLISH and SPANISH.





Spinal Cord




Brain (Top View)

Brain (Bottom View)

Brain (Side View)

Bipolar Neuron

Unipolar Neuron

Multipolar Neuron

Neuromuscular Junction

Synapse 1

Synapse 2

Spinal Cord

The Ear


Spinal Cord

Spinal Cord

Brain Stem

The Tooth

The Skull

Neuroscientist 1

Neuroscientist 2

Some of these illustrations come from The Sourcebook of Medical Illustration edited by Peter Cull, Park Ridge (NJ): Parthenon Publishing Group, Inc., 1989. According to this book, the "medical and scientific illustrations [are] available for general re-use and adaption free of normal copyright restrictions." Furthermore, the book states: "The contents of the book remain copyright to the Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital London, but this is not intended to deter the legitimate scientific user from copying, modifying or publishing them. Permission need not be sought and no fee is required from such users other than the purchase of the collection."


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