Top to bottom, left to right:

--Claudia Mills and Terrie Klinger on the FHL research boat, the RV Centennial on a public outreach mission about marine environmental protection
--RV Centennial at the Friday Harbor Labs dock, with a winter rainbow
--Colin Hermans admires a magnificent old Douglas-fir wolf tree on the FHL Preserve
--A couple of friendly cars in the rain at the Friday Harbor Labs
--A couple of magnificent (well, one of them is) and friendly (ditto) cats near the Friday Harbor Lab

NOAA now has an online tide-prediction graph for Friday Harbor. It shows today's, tomorrow's, and yesterday's tides, and includes a line for the OBSERVED tidal height superimposed over the prediction. Water temperature is given too (you'll see why we don't do a lot of swimming here in the Salish Sea).

As of July 2006, there is an online link to the new FHL weatherstation located on the rocks near the pumphouse at Cantilever Point (north end of Friday Harbor [the bay]) at http://depts.washington.edu/fhl/fhl_wx.html. It shows air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, relative humidity, rain, solar radiation, and intertidal temperature in graph form for the past two days. Thanks to Emily Carrington and Gretchen Moeser for getting this up and running.

Islandcam is providing frequently updated peeks at the Friday Harbor Labs - "see the scientists at work" - always a good tourist attraction. Fortunately this telescopic lens is not aimed at my window at the moment, but the resolution looks just about good enough to catch me or some of my colleagues collecting jellyfish on the dock. You can also see Friday Harbor (the water - UW labs is on the left of the image along the shoreline of that midrange point of land, just above the center, top to bottom), or even check out the line situation at the Ferry dock in town (UW labs is the elongate gray smudge on the shoreline across the harbor, upper left corner of the image). In our own special version of homeland security, Islandcam.com has placed cameras in many locations in the San Juans.

We now have two electronic newspapers, both updated approximately daily. The San Juan Islander, written by two longtime San Juan Island residents, offers perhaps the most comprehensive news including the best sports and local entertainment information. It has been joined by the Island Guardian, written also by longtime residents, who want to see more accountability of the county government to its citizens and believe there is room for another point of view (usually more conservative) in reporting of news, while trying to preserve our special island lifestyle. Together these online papers offer a fairly thorough coverage of local issues, which seem always to be contentious here in what the uninformed call "paradise". The Journal of the San Juan Islands is the weekly printed paper here and also has an electonic site. The San Juan Island Update offers frequently-updated tidbits off the street - the kind of stuff that doesn't make the newspapers, but is interesting nevertheless to those of us who live here - it also covers some sports and many special events.

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