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Technical Communication 498
Digital Games
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Winter 2005
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Book Review Assignment

Due: variable
Length: 2-3 pages

This assignment is an opportunity for you to read something associated with the class topic that does not appear on the syllabus. Your objective in this report is to provide a synopsis and critical analysis of the text for the rest of the class members via an oral presentation; the review itself will be made available to class members on the website. Because of the scope of the course, it is impossible for us to read everything that would be valuable; your book reports will be a way to expand the knowledge base of your classmates. I had to make some tough choices in putting together this syllabus, and I know there are many, many more valuable resources out there in the area of game studies. In addition, because you all come from different disciplines, your interests vary widely. The book review is an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge in an area that is of specific interest to you. The only requirement in that regard is that you be able to discuss the relevance of the book or articles to the topic of the class.

You may choose either a book or a cluster of four to six related academic articles to review. The review itself should present the arguments in the text, describe the methodology, critically analyze the findings, and relate the material to previous discussions in the course. You can choose to write a review on a text you have previously read, as long as you address the criteria of the assignment in the review. You’ll sign up to present your review on one of the days of the quarter, and you’ll have about 15 minutes to make a presentation to the class on the reading. Remember that your goal is to teach your classmates something new by explaining what you read in detail.

If you have any questions about whether a proposed text is appropriate, please ask either the instructor or the teaching assistant.

Reviews will be evaluated based on the quality of ideas, the quality of expression, and the appropriateness of the text to the assignment.