Becca Price



Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell


Dr. Price gives a variety of interactive workshops for different departments at the University of Washington.

Diversity statements

This interactive workshop helps scholars understand how to write diversity statements for job applications and helps search committees consider how to use them when evaluating candidates. We explore different kinds of diversity, at how diversity efforts impact research, teaching, and service in a myriad of ways. Much of the workshop responds directly to questions participants ask as they begin drafting ideas of their own statements, or rubrics on how to evaluate them.

Introduction to active learning

A few tried-and-true teaching techniques support by evidence are fairly straightforward to begin incorporating into classes. In this workshop (based on Ma et al. 2021), we learn by using a series of techniques, including the jigsaw, gallery walk, think-pair-share, and unbiased call.

Recognizing discrimination against women: first steps

In this workshop (based on Price 2020), participants read through case studies that describe different kinds of discrimination that women frequently experience in academic science, including microaggressions, trolling, and sexual harassment. We also consider how these forms of discrimination intersect with other identities. Within groups, participants develop strategies for how to dismantle the sexism portrayed.

Teaching statements and portfolios

How do you write a teaching statement for a faculty position that stands out? Build it on your own, unique experiences that document in a teaching portfolio. In this workshop, consider your priorities as an instructor, how students meet the goals for your classes, and how you assess that learning as ways to develop your teaching statement.