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Jacob O. Wobbrock Professor, The Information School
Adjunct Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
  Jacob O. Wobbrock, Ph.D.
The Information School
University of Washington
Box 352840
Seattle, WA 98195-2840   USA


Industry Positions

I have worked in industry doing user interface design, rapid prototyping, software development, and usability testing and evaluation. I have also been a venture-backed entrepreneur.

Dates Company Position Activities Logo

Dec. 2015 –
Feb. 2018
AnswerDash Co-founder &
Chief Experience Officer (CXO),
  • Product strategy and design.
  • Customer and user experience.
  • Board Observer.

May 2015 –
Dec. 2015
AnswerDash Co-founder &
Chief Scientist
  • Product strategy, design and evaluation.
  • Data analysis.
  • Sales to lighthouse customers.
  • Thought-leadership and evangelism.

Sept. 2012 –
May 2015
AnswerDash Co-founder,
President & CEO
  • Raised $2.54M in seed-round Venture Capital.
  • Served as Chairmain of the Board.
  • Set the vision and priorities for the company.
  • Built and led a strong initial team.
  • Oversaw product-customer fit.
  • Set pricing and drove initial sales.
  • Established thought-leadership on website self-service.

Oct. 2008 –
Oct. 2009
Natural Input Solutions Consultant
  • Served as technical advisor for incorporating my $1 and $N gesture recognizers into a commercial product.
Natural Input Solutions

Jan. 2008 –
Oct. 2008
Microsoft Research Consultant Microsoft Research

May 2003 –
Aug. 2003
Microsoft Research Research Intern
  • Developed gesture recognition algorithms for the first prototype of what would become Microsoft PixelSense.
Microsoft Research

May 2002 –
Sept. 2002
Ingrian Networks Consultant
  • Applied user interface design principles to inform the redesign of a complex web application.
Ingrian Networks

Feb. 2001 –
May 2001
Google Consultant
  • Designed and built prototypes for alternative ways of viewing Google search results.
  • Optimized result-page stylesheets for fast loading.

Oct. 1999 –
Feb. 2001
DoDots Sr. Software Engineer,
Software Engineer
  • Helped design and build a client-side platform for out-of-browser web content delivery.

June 1999 –
Sept. 1999
Intel-Mattel Smart Toy Lab Technical Intern
  • Designed and built a music application enabling an adaptive virtual band to accompany a player.
  • Instrumented an electric guitar with sensors for playing along with the band.
  • Helped to debug the Intel QX3 USB microscope.
Intel Play

June 1997 –
Sept. 1997
Intel Technical Intern
  • Designed and built an application launcher for exploring a TV-based livingroom computing experience.