UNIVERSITY of  WASHINGTON Information School Computer Science & Engineering
Jacob O. Wobbrock Associate Professor, The Information School
Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
  Jacob O. Wobbrock, Ph.D.
The Information School
University of Washington
Box 352840
Seattle, WA 98195-2840   USA

I am an Associate Professor in the Information School and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. I direct the Mobile + Accessible Design Lab and co-chair the Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program. My research interests are input techniques (text entry, pointing, touch, gesture, voice, gaze), mobile user interfaces, human performance measurement and modeling, research and design methods, and computer access for people with disabilities. I have a special focus on what I call ability-based design, a design stance in which the abilities required to operate a technology are questioned, and systems are made operable by and adaptable to alternative abilities. See my CV.


I am a scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur in the field of human-computer interaction. As a scientist, I study human behavior with interactive systems, and develop new methods for designing and evaluating interactive systems. As an inventor, I create and deploy new interactive systems for human use. As an entrepreneur, I co-founded AnswerDash and serve as its venture-backed CEO. AnswerDash enables online businesses to easily capture and answer questions from their customers, increasing sales, reducing support costs, and generating important insights about customer needs.

My students come primarily from UW Ph.D. programs in information science and computer science. My students and I are active in the DUB Group.

I have worked in industry and occasionally serve as an expert witness on intellectual property matters.

See my full CV, faculty profile, DUB profile, ACM author page, or Google Scholar page. Or find me in the HCI Bibliography.