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Opportunities in the Wendy Thomas Laboratory

If you are already admitted to UW in Bioengineering or a related department, and are interested in rotating in the lab this coming year, please contact me (Wendy Thomas) to discuss possible projects and funding. If you have not applied to UW and are interested in joining the lab, you need to apply directly to a department that will allow me to be your research advisor, such as Bioengineering, Biological Physics, Structure and Design, Mechanical Engineering, Molecular & Cellular Biology, or Computational Molecular Biology. If you want to talk to me before or after you apply, email me your CV (or send me your complete application materials) so that I can evaluate your fit to my research before we talk. You should describe briefly in the email how your past research experience trained your interest or skills for particular projects in my lab, so I don't assume your email was a form email and delete it.

We generally accept two new undergraduates each year from the Bioengineering department to do their capstone projects in our lab. We also accept students from related departments to do independent research projects. Students are encouraged to start as a volunteer as early as spring of sophomore year and at least by autumn of junior year for at least 10 hours a week in the lab. When you first join the lab, expect to help a senior member with his or her project until you learn more about the methods and projects in the lab. Bioengineering students should then start their independent projects by spring of your their year. Other departments may have different time schedules.

While new students can apply at any time, we solicit and interview Sophomores at the end of their spring quarter, or Juniors at the start of fall quarter, but will consider applicants earlier in their career at both times. If you are interested in joining the lab, please email Wendy Thomas with your informal transcript, resume/CV, and a description of why you want to work in the lab and what kind of project you might want to do. This will help us identify who might serve as a mentor so we can set up an interview for you.

We do not currently have funding for a new postdoctoral fellow position.