Research Projects

Below is list of active and recently finished research projects. Major themes of our projects include Environmental Epigenetics (01-EE), Reproductive Biology and Ecology (02-RBE), and Aquaculture Resource Development (03-ARD). You can use the filter feature below to search projects based on funding agency.

  • FACT: AquaMine - A High Performance Genomic Data Mining System for Species of Importance to US Aquaculture
    Summary Website Support::USDA

  • Increasing Environmental Connection, Literacy and Engagement through an Art + Science Collaborative Education Practice
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::UW EarthLab

  • Oyster adaptation to climate change via transgenerational plasticity

  • Gene activity and genetic selection in Pacific cod reared under thermal stress
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::Pacific States Marine Fishery Commission

  • Using next-generation sequencing techniques to assess adaptive capacity and illuminate mechanisms underlying the effects of high pCO2 on Alaskan crab and fish species
    Summary Support::NOAA

  • Collaborative Research: URoL : Epigenetics 2: Predicting phenotypic and eco-evolutionary consequences of environmental-energetic-epigenetic linkages
    Summary Website GitHub Repository Support::NSF

  • Identifying genomic architecture features that contribute to critical phenotypes in shellfish
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::USDA NRSP-8

  • Applying cutting-edge technology for reproductive control in emerging bivalve species
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::Pacific States Marine Fishery Commision

  • Field-based Education and Research at Regional Aquaculture Sites (FERRAS)
    Summary Support::UW SAFS

  • Improved climate resilience in oysters through optimization of hatchery-based environmental conditioning practices
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::USDA

  • Vernon: Development of innovative approaches to support sustainable aquaculture and understand the effects of ocean acidification on marine species
    Summary Support::NOAA

  • Readying sustainable aquaculture for a changing ocean: uncovering the mechanisms associated with intergenerational carryover effects to enhance bivalve resilience to acidification
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::Washington Sea Grant

  • A collaborative partnership to address mass mortalities in oyster aquaculture through improved field monitoring, husbandry practices, and workforce development
    Summary Support::Washington Sea Grant

  • Collaborative Research: Does ocean acidification induce a methylation response that affects the fitness of the next generation in oysters?
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::NSF

  • Development of environmental conditioning practices to decrease impacts of climate change on shellfish aquaculture
    Summary Support::FFAR

  • Effects of temperature change and Hematodinium sp. infection (Bitter Crab Disease) on Tanner crab (Chionoecetes bairdi)
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::North Pacfic Research Board

  • Enhancing sustainability of shellfish aquaculture through streamlined maturation control
    Summary GitHub Repository Support::Washington Sea Grant

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