Current Research Group Members
Ben Portrait 

Benjamin (Ben) Chasnov (bchasnov at uw)
PhD Student (joint with Sam Buden)
Game Theory, Human-Machine Interaction

Adhyyan Portrait 

Adhyyan Narang
PhD Student (joint with Maryam Fazel)
Optimization, Learning, Game Theory

Evan Portrait 

Evan Faulkner
PhD Student
Optimization, Learning, Game Theory

Ross Portrait 

Ross Boczar
Postdoctoral Scholar
Optimization and Control

Past Research Group Members
Tanner Portrait 

Tanner Fiez (fiezt at uw)
Statistical Learning, Computational Intelligence, Game Theory
2017 NDSEG Graduate Fellow
Graduated 2021 (Amazon)

Leo Portrait 

Liyuan (Leo) Zheng (liyuanz8 at uw)
Statistical Learning, Optimization, Game Theory
Graduated 2021 (Microsoft)

Mitas Portrait 

Mitas Ray (mitasray at uw)
Optimization, Sequential Decision-Making
Graduated 2021 (FICC.AI)

Zane Portrait 

Zane Alumbaugh
Undergraduate Researcher, UC Santa Cruz
Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning

Dan Portrait 

Dan Calderone
Postdoctoral Scholar 2017-2019
Optimization, Control, Game Theory
Lecturer AA UW

Dan Portrait 

Shreyas Sekar
Postdoctoral Scholar 2016-2017
Algorithmic Game Theory
Assistant Prof. Operations Management, U. Toronto