Outreach Activities

Undergraduate Research Projects

Multi-Agent RL
  • Developing code base for multi-agent RL.
  • students: Zane Alumbaugh (Summer 2019, UC Santa Cruz, CS), Ryan Ching (Spring 2020--present, UW, ECE), Liem Vu (Spring 2020--present, UW, ECE), Arnav Mahajan (Spring 2020--present, UW, CSE)
  • Funded by NSF REU
Ethical Analytics and Information Design in the COVID-19 Era
  • This project seeks to take a quantitative approach to the design of messaging: 1) using tools from causal inference, we will learn data-informed models of how information affects behavior, 2) we will use learning and exploration methods for the scalable computation of the value of information in promoting desirable behaviors, as well as quantifying the privacy risks individuals face and the fairness issues that arise between subpopulations. Expected outcomes of the project include actionable information in addition to a concrete set of design principles for effective messaging that public health authorities can leverage to improve behavioral response in pandemic scenarios, encourage societal resilience and quicken our economic recovery, in a privacy preserving and equitable manner. The project also seeks to develop data visualization tools and informative dashboards.
  • students: Sam Awuha (undergrad ECE), Joleen Lawson (undergrad in IEOR), Kero Heinen (MS, Health Informatics), Dan Cook (volunteer mentor)
  • Funded by NSF REU

Learning in Games:
  • Developing code base for implementing game theoretic learning rules for applications to adversarial learning (e.g., Generative Adversarial Networks)
  • students: Zane Alumbaugh (Summer 2019, UC Santa Cruz, CS), Zhenghao Guo (Summer/Fall 2019, UW, ECE)
  • Funded by NSF REU
Connecting Particle-Based Numerical Methods in PDEs with Optimization:
  • Developing code implementing particle-based numerical solvers for PDEs that represent optimality conditions for optimization problems: e.g., Burger's equation provides stationarity conditions for certain optimal mass transport and mean field game optimization problems.
  • students: Samuel Awuah (2018--present, UW, ECE), Joleen Lawson (2019--present, UW, IEOR)
  • Funded by NSF REU
Summer 2018: Parking Data Analytics
  • Collect ground truth data for on-street parking in Seattle and develop tools for analyzing the data.
  • students:Kiana Peterson (UW ECE), Grace Kariuki (UW ECE), Tevin Stanley (UW ECE), Samuel Awuah (UW, ECE), Niha Dhillon (UW), Jyoti Lama (UW)
  • Funded by NSF REU
Summer 2018: Bee Ear (to be continued)
  • Developing sensor platform for monitoring the health of bee hives.
  • students:Kiana Peterson (UW ECE), Grace Kariuki (UW ECE), Tevin Stanley (UW ECE)