Michael Honey has written scores of newspaper and magazine articles and given many talks linking issues of the day to labor and civil rights history (see CV). A few items concerning these links are below.

"Memphis police killed Tyre Nichols. It’s trauma that’s familiar in Tacoma, too,” Feb. 10, 2023

"55 Years After King's Death, His Radical Vision Should Galvanize Struggles Today," Ap. 4, 2023

"Martin Luther King Understood Solidarity," June 21, 2023

Stanford World House Project - Nonviolence Resources

On March 24 and 25 2022, Prof. Michael Honey brought together over twenty scholars, educators, and activists involved with educating and organizing for social and economic justice for all. The participants drew on the models of social change, and theories and practices of nonviolence from Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr., James Lawson, and others.

An Organized Life


June 1, 2022

Mike Honey, a founding faculty member of UW Tacoma, may be retiring, but he will continue building on his legacy of 'telling the story, telling history, telling reality.'

Martin Luther King's Last Campaign for Equality, Dr. Michael Honey on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

April 4, 2008
Radio segment (21:14)

Martin Luther King Jr. was in Memphis in 1968 rallying for fair treatment and pay of African-American sanitation workers when he was assassinated. American history professor Michael Honey joins Fresh Air to discuss his book on the labor campaign King was leading at the time of his death.

'Going Down Jericho Road:' MLK's Last Fight, Dr. Honey on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

January 15, 2007
Radio segment (41:41)

In his new book, Going Down Jericho Road, historian Michael Honey chronicles the campaign which the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was working on at the time of his death. Honey is a former civil liberties organizer and a professor of ethics, gender and labor studies and American history at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

March 24-25, 2022, Nonviolence Organizing in Theory and Practice: Building the Beloved Community and Effective Social Justice Movements [Seminar at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute]

We need more people who understand the methods and philosophy of nonviolent struggle that have been so effective. In this exploratory seminar, to be held virtually on March 24-25, 2022, we will bring together about 20 people who are actively involved with educating and organizing for social and economic justice for all.

King Day 2022 Lecture at St. Paul's Historic Church in NYC

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: An exploration by Prof. Michael Honey of the Univ. of Washington, a distinguished historian & author, in recognition of the national holiday.

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Radcliffe Institute talk, "They Never Can Jail Us All"

Radcliffe Institute talk, "They Never Can Jail Us All" 

Written from the perspective of a first-person organizer as well as of a historian, “They Never Can Jail Us All: Repression, Resistance, and the Freedom Struggle, a Memoir and History (1960–1976)” takes us into jails, into struggles against repressive laws and police violence, and into campaigns to free Angela Davis and all political prisoners—asking throughout, What is past and what is present in the struggle to be free?

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