Michael Honey has written scores of newspaper and magazine articles and given many talks linking issues of the day to labor and civil rights history (see CV). A few items concerning these links are below.

Organizing Principles: An Interview with Rev. James Lawson, By Vivian Rothstein

At age 88, civil rights leader, organizer and thinker Reverend James Lawson Jr. is still busy teaching all who will hear that nonviolence “represents a new day for activism.”

King's Legacy: Defending the Right to Organize, Memphis CA Blog.

UW Professors Blog on Politics, April 8, 2008.

Poverty and Race in Memphis

Memphis 50 Years Since King: The Unfinished Agenda

By David Ciscel & Michael Honey


Ciscel, D., & Honey, M. (2016). Memphis 50 Years Since King: The Unfinished Agenda. Poverty and Race Research Action Council, 25(3).

Labor and Working-Class History Association