Research Engineer David Darr

Current Graduate Students

Jacob Cohen

Noah Rosenberg

Cassia Cai

Past PhD students

Hillary Scannell PhD granted Fall 2020. Thesis Title: Seas in Hot Water, Marine Heatwaves on the Move; Following the Heat.  Post-doctoral Research Scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University

Shirley Leung  PhD Granted Spring 2020. PhD. Thesis Title: Particles, prey, and purse seines: A Data-Driven Investigation into the Impacts of Climate on Biological Processes Across the Global Ocean, Post-doctoral Research Scientist at the Gates Foundation Institute for Disease Modeling.

MiguelUrias-Jimenez, PhD Granted Spring 2019. Thesis Title: Topographic Constraints on Rotating Stratified Throughflows. Postdoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University.

Andrew Shao, PhD Granted Winter 2016.  Co-Advisor Sabine Mecking.  Ph.D. Thesis Title: The response of thermocline ventilation to variability at the ocean surface from observations and offline tracer modeling
Scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada, Victoria, British Columbia

Jinting Zhang, PhD Granted Spring, 2015.  Co-advisor with Kathie Kelly.
PhD Thesis Title: Variability of Largescale Ocean Circulation and Meridional Heat Transport in the Atlantic Ocean
Director, Core NLP Capabilities at American Express, New York, New York

Kyle Armour (Physics) PhD granted spring 2012.  Co-advisor with Cecilia Bitz, Atmospheric Sciences.
Ph.D. Thesis Title:  Reversible decline of the Arctic sea ice cover and committed climate warming due to greenhouse gas emissions
Currently Associate Professor UW School of Oceanography and Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Chuanli Jiang, Co-advisor with Kathie Kelly, PhD granted Fall 2008. Thesis Title:  The role of Horizontal Advection in SST Variability in the Eastern Equatorial PacificInfluence of QuikSCAT winds

David Trossman,  PhD Granted 2011.  PhD Thesis Title: AdvectionDiffusion Process Inference via Statistical Oceanographic Methods in the North Atlantic and Southern Oceans,
Currently Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University

Jimmy Booth (Atmospheric Sciences) co-advisor Jerome Patoux (Atmospheric Sciences), PhD Granted Summer 2010. PhD Thesis Title:  The Role of the Gulf Stream in Midlatitude Storm. Intensification.
Currently, Associate Professor, City College of New York

Jordan Dawe, Ph. D. granted winter 2006.  PhD. Thesis Title:  Aspects of Modeling the North Pacific Ocean Senior Data Scientist, Unbounce, Vancouver, British Columbia 

Carol Ladd,  PhD granted spring, 2000, Thesis title: North Pacific Mode Waters: Formation and Variability.  Oceanographer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, reitired

Emmanuel Boss, Ph. D. granted fall 1996.  Ph.D. Thesis Title:  Dynamics of Potential Vorticity Fronts. Professor, University of Maine

Past Postdoctoral Scholars

Frederic Vivier (with Kathie Kelly, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France)

Ivan Lima (with Steve Emerson and Paul Quay) research specialist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Curtis Deutsch (with Steve Emerson), Professor Princeton University

Taka Ito JISAO post-doc, Professor at Georgia Tech University

Susan Bates (with Kathie Kelly) Coastal Science Program Manager, The Nature Conservancy

Jessica Kleiss (with Kathie Kelly), Associate Professor at Lewis and Clark College

Wei Cheng, Oceanographer at CICOES/NOAA/PMEL

Daniel Amrhein, Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Robb Wills, Research Scientist, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington

Andrew Davis, Seattle, WA

Helma Lindow, Stockholm, Sweden