A Joint Conference of AKES, RCIE, and KDI

Korea and the World Economy, V

July 7-8, 2006, Korea University, Seoul, Korea

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Downloadable Papers

The followings are some of the papers scheduled to be presented in the conference. They are posted for the convenience of the participants and others who are interested in these papers. The first listed author is the one expected to present the paper.

Copyrights of the papers are owned by the authors. For the latest version of the papers, please contact the authors directly.

To read and print the following files, you will need Acrobat Reader version 5 or higher. If you do not have the software installed, you can download a free copy of it.

Innwon Park

East Asian Regional Trade Agreements: Do They Promote Global Free Trade?

Tadashi Inoue Dynamic Patterns of Trade Imbalances with Recursive Preference
SaangJoon Baak The impact of the Chinese Renminbi on the exports of Korea and Japan to the U.S.
Shin-ichi Fukuda and Sanae Ohno Post-crisis Exchange Rate Regimes in ASEAN: A New Empirical Test Based on Intra-daily Data
Lakhwinder Singh

Innovations and Economic Growth in a Fast Changing Global Economy: Comparative Experience of South East Asian Countries

Hiro Lee and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe

Deep Integration and Its Impacts on Nonmembers: EU Enlargement and East Asia

Kyuil Chung

Asset Prices and Monetary Liquidity in Korea

Hyun-Jeong Kim The Shift to the Service Economy: Causes and Effects
Sangho Kim Imports, Exports, and Total Factor Productivity in Korea

Young Bae Park and

Sang Bok Moon


Chung H. Lee, Joon-Kyung Kim, and Yangseon Kim

Trade, Investment and Economic Integration of South Korea and China

Wongun Song

The Role of Information Costs in the Political Effectiveness of the Interest Group
Junko Shimizu and Eiji Ogawa

The core-AMU denominated Asian bonds for local investors in East Asia

Chang-In Yoon and Kiheung Kim Comparative Advantage of the Services and Manufacturing Industries of a Korea, China and Japan and Implication of its FTA Policy

Hyesung Kim, Almas Heshmati and Dany Aoun

Dynamics of Capital Structure: The Case of Korean Listed Manufacturing Companies

Sung Jin Kang and Hongshik Lee

Strategic Foreign Investments of South Korean Multinationals

Byoung Hark Yoo

Why Did the Demand for Cash Decrease Recently in Korea?

Geun Mee Ahn and Chung-Han Kim

Trade Openness, Real Exchange Rates, and the Exchange Rate Regime Choice

Masao Oda, Koji Shimomura, and Ryuhei Wakasugi Welfare Enhancing Direct Investment
Elias Sanidas

The long term fate of Korea and other “small” economies in East Asia: economic development, integration issues, and political power

SANG HOON KANG Long-Term Dependence in the Foreign Exchange Markets: International Evidence
Donghyun PARK Is the ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Area (AKFTA) an Optimal Free Trade Area?
Jae Ho Yoon The co-movement of inflation and the real growth of output
Jae Ho Yoon and Young-Wan Goo Instrumental variables estimation of a flexible nonlinear model
Hyun-Hoon Lee and Myung-Hee Kim Determinants of TOEFL Score: A Comparison of Linguistic and Economic Factors
Tobias S. Blattner What drives foreign direct investment in Southeast Asia? A dynamic panel approach
David Cook Markups and the Euro
Fukunari Kimura,
Kazunobu Hayakawa, and Zheng Ji
Are Korean Firms Doing Well? Evidence from Shandong Province in China
Charles Harvie and Mosayeb Pahlavani Sources of economic growth in South Korea: an application of the ARDL analysis in the presence of structural breaks – 1980-2005
Chan-Hyun Sohn and
Hongshik Lee
FTAs and Income Convergence
Jung Hur New regionalism: overlapping free trade areas
Joshua Aizenman and Jaewoo Lee International Reserves: Precautionary versus Mercantilist Views, Theory and Evidence
Joshua Aizenman and Ilan Noy Human Capital, Economic Might and the Shadow of History
Laixun Zhao and Fuat Sener Globalization, R&D and Endogenous Choice of Technology
Frank S.T. Hsiao and Mei-Chu W. Hsiao FDI, Exports, and Growth in East and Southeast Asia--Evidence from Time-Series and Panel Data Causality Analyses
Junggun Oh Global Imbalances and Policy Options
Woon Gyu Choi, Sunil Sharma, and Maria Strömqvist Capital Flows, Financial Integration, and International Reserve Holdings: The Recent Experience of Emerging Markets and Advanced Economies

Tran Van Hoa

Effects of Economic Policy Change and Global Shocks on Korea's Trade and Growth
Dick Beason and R. Todd Smith Japan’s fiscal crisis and implications for imports from Korea
Sung Tai Kim and Gyeong Lyeob Cho A Policy Simulation Analysis on Parts and Material Industry in Korea Using A Computable General Equilibrium Model
Chul-In Lee and Gary Solon Trends in Intergenerational Income Mobility
Young Jun Chun Fiscal Impacts of Taxation on Pension in Aging Korea: A Generational Accounting Approach
Woosung Lee Structural Changes in Income Elasticities of Korean Sectorial Exports: reflections of Asia-Pacific regions’ industrial structure changes
Sanghoon Ahn, Siwook Lee, and Cheonsik Woo The Internationalization of Firm Activities and Its Economic Impacts: The Case of Korea
Jin Kim and Seung-jin Shim Incentive Mechanisms for International Public Goods under Productivity Uncertainty
Jong-Hwan Ko A Study on Economic Impact of a Korea-U.S. FTA: A Dynamic CGE Approach
Chin Hee Hahn and Yong Seok Choi The Effects of Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Korea: Overview and Empirical Assessment

Asian Crisis
China and WTO

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