An International Workshop

WTO and World Trade, IV:


The Doha Round of Trade Talks

Seattle, September 28, 2002


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Organizing Unit:

Research Center for International Economics (RCIE), UW

Program Committee:

Kar-yiu Wong, University of Washington (chair)

Theo Eicher, University of Washington

K. C. Fung, University of California, Santa Cruz

Local Organizing Committee:

Haideh Salehi-Esfahani, University of Washington (chair)

Yi-Chi Chen, University of Washington

Hansung Kim, University of Washington

Jaerang Lee, University of Washington

Pei-Cheng Liao, University of Washington

Host: Department of Economics, University of Washington


International Studies Program, UW
Center for International Business Education and Research, UW

Supporting Unit:

Institute for International and Regional Economic Relations, Gerhard-Mercator-University Duisburg

On November 14, 2001, at the closing of a ministerial conference held in Doha, Qatar, members of the World Trade Organization signed an agreement to launch a new round of multilateral trade negotiation. As compared with previous rounds of trade talks organized by the General Agreement of Trade and Tariffs, this one is much more ambitious because it covers many new areas.

RCIE is organizing this workshop to allow participants to talk about the present round of trade talks and some trade issues. Papers can be theoretical and empirical, and policy-oriented papers are also most welcome. Papers that analyze one or more of the following issues are particularly encouraged:

  • the process of the trade negotiation and the likelihood of success

  • implementation-related issues and concerns

  • trade in agriculture

  • trade in services

  • trade and environment

  • trade and investment

  • trade and economic development

  • trade-related intellectual property rights

  • WTO rules and dispute settlement process

  • regionalism and trade liberalization

People interested in presenting a paper are invited to submit an extensive abstract as soon as possible. Please send the submission to Kar-yiu Wong <>. (Submission by e-mail is preferred.) A hard copy can also be sent to Kar-yiu Wong, Department of Economics, Box 353330, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, U. S. A.

A completed paper for presentation is due September 7, 2002. There is a registration fee of US$70 (or $20 for students).

People who want to participate without presenting a paper are most welcome.

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