A Joint Conference of KEBA, RCIE, and KIET

Globalization and

Regional Economic Development

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December 15-16, 2006

Gyeong Ju, Korea


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Young Ho Choi, President, Korea Economics and Business Association (KEBA)

Sang Bong Oh, President, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET)

Kar-yiu Wong, Director, Research Center for International Economics (RCIE), University of Washington and President, Asia-Pacific Economic Association

Chul Hong, President, Daegu Gyeongbok Development Institute (DGI)

Joon Han Kim, CEO & President, POSCO Research Institute (POSRI)

Young Sam Kim, President, Busan Development Institute (BDI)

Yung Joon Lee, Director, Asian Institute of Regional Innovation (AIRI)

Program Committee:

Kar-yiu Wong, University of Washington (co-chair)

Gwang-Lag Son, Yeungnam University (co-chair)

E. Kwan Choi, Iowa State University

Chang Jin Kim, Korea University

Ho Bum Kim, Pusan National University

Il Tae Kim, Chonnam National University

Pierre-Bruno Ruffini, University of Le Havre

Myung Bae Yeom, Chungnam National University

Jin Guen Yoo, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade

Local Organizing Committee:

Soo Seok Sohn, Kyungil University (chair)

Taek-Dong Yeo, Yeungnam University

Du Sub Shin, Daegu Gyeungbok Development Institute

Chongung Kim, Daegu Haany University

Ki Dong Lee, Keimyung University

Youn Won Kim, Daegu University

Byeong Ho Choe, Pusan National University

Byung Kun Rhee, Pukyong National University

Chang Kon Choi, Chonbuk National University

Sang Ho Lee, Chonnam National University

Ki Ho Jeong, Kyungpook National University

Soo Hyun Joo, Busan Development Institute

In Won Seo, Daegu Gyeungbok Development Institute

Dong Woon Kim, POSCO Research Institute

Kyo-Ook Song, Busan Development Institute

Economists, policy makers, and practitioners are invited to submit papers for presentation in the conference. Papers related to the following issues, both theoretical and empirical ones, are most welcome.

  • Globalization and its impacts on regional economies;

  • FTAs and their impacts on regional economies;

  • Regional innovation system and regional development strategies;

  • Issues on local public finance, housing, and human settlements; and

  • Case Studies of regional economic development.

Please send both Gwang-Lag Son <glson@yumail.ac.kr> and Kar-yiu Wong <karyiu@u.washington.edu> a draft of a paper or an extended abstract, 500+ words long, in English, with your name, affiliation, academic position, mail and e-mail addresses, and phone and fax numbers, by September 15, 2006. The final version of all papers for presentation will be due November 15, 2006.


Papers will be selected by a selection committee.

Asian Crisis
China and WTO

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