Julie K. Stein: Abridged Vita | Unabridged Vitae available in PDF format

Current Position: Director of Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture; Professor of Anthropology; Adjunct Professor Quaternary Research Center, University of Washington, Seattle.

Education: BA, 1974, Western Michigan Univ., MA, 1976, Univ. of Minnesota, Ph.D., 1980, Univ. of Minnesota

Awards and National Offices:  Student Paper Competition winner at Southeastern Archaeological Conference (1979); Amer. Assoc of Univ. Women Educational Foundation's Recognition Award of Young American Women Scholars (1983-84); Chair, Archaeological Geology Division, Geological Society of America, (1990-91); elected member of Executive Board of the Society for American Archaeology (1993-1996). Evergreen Award for Historic Preservation in state of Washington 1993; Chair, Geoarchaeological Interest Group, Society for American Archaeology 1998, Rip Rapp Archaeological Geology Award 1999. Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, Western Michigan University 2001. Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Washington 2005

Grants and Contracts:
1986-91 - National Park Service/Department of Anthropology, Memorandum of Agreement, Archaeological Research: Excavation and Curation. -Total contracted amount in 9 different subagreements = $75,500;  1991-92-National Park Service/Burke Museum, Memorandum of Agreement, Curation of collections located in Burke Museum from NPS land: 1991 - P.O. #1, $3,000; 1991 - Subagreement  #1, $24,000; 1992 - Sub  #2, $63,117;  1992- 94 National Park Service/Burke Museum, Indefinite Contract, Indefinite Service, 1993- Sub #1, Curation of collections from Garrison Bay site, $9,000; 1993 - Sub #2, Curation of collections from 1991 excavation at British Camp - backlog, $12,000; Sub #3, Curation of collections from 1971 excavation at British Camp - $18,000, Sub #4 writing booklet for general public about the Park $3000; 1995- Sub #5, Curation of collections from British Camp site (1970's excavation), $45,200; 1992-93  National Science Foundation, "Curation of Archaeological Collections from the Lower Columbia River Region",  $85,217; 1993 National Science Foundation, "Anthropology Curriculum for Human Prehistory", $73,177 (co-PI J. Green, J. Stein, and A. Linse); Army Corp of Engineers (Walla Walla and Portland District), $50,000; 1994 IESUS (Institute for Ethnic Studies in the United States) "Documentation of Cultural Affiliation: Burials and Grave Goods in the Burke Museum" $7366 (Stein PI) ; 1996 IESUS (Institute for Ethnic Studies in the United States) "Hands Across Time: collaboration between archaeology and Native Americans" $5047, and "The identification of archaeological fish and shellfish for Puyallup Tribe of Indians" $4452 (Stein PI); 1997 Royalty Research Fund (UW) "Origins of Social Complexity on the Northwest Coast" $30,000 (Stein PI). 1998, NPS- Fort Clatsop sediment collection and analysis $4200, (Stein PI); 2000, King County Landmarks and Heritage Commission, Special Projects Program. "Vashon Island Archaeological Project Report Publication" $9200 (co-PI Stein & Phillips). 2004 Bureau of Land Management, Watmough Bay archaeological site stabilization project: Lopez Island, $13,560 (co-PI Stein &Phillips).

Prime Research Interests: Formation of the archaeological record and geoarchaeology; human adaptation to coastal environments especially from shell middens; Northwest Coast prehistory,

Selected Publications:

2005        Environment of the Green River Sites. In Archaeology of the Middle Green River Region, Kentucky, edited by W. H. Marquardt and P. J. Watson, pp. 19-40. University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

2005        Formation Processes of the Carlston Annis Shell Midden. In Archaeology of the Middle Green River Region, Kentucky, edited by W. H. Marquardt and P. J. Watson, pp. 121-152. University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

2004        Sediment Analyses of Rockshelter Deposits. In Archaeological Investigation of Cape Addington Rockshelter: Human Occupation of the Rugged Seacoast on the Outer Prince of Wales Archipelago, Alaska, edited by M. L. Moss, pp. 83-108. University of Oregon Anthropological Paper No. 63, Eugene, Oregon. (Stein, J. K. and M. L. Moss)

2004        Building Confidence in Shell: variations in the Marine radiocarbon reservoir correction for the Northwest Coast over the past 3,000 years. American Antiquity 69:771-786 (Deo, J. N., J.O. Stone, and J.K. Stein)

2003        Big Sites - Short Time: Accumulation Rates in Archaeological Sites. Journal of Archaeological Science 30:297-316 . (Julie K Stein, Jennie N. Deo and Laura S. Phillips)

2003        Determining the Provenience of Kennewick Man Skeletal Remains through Sedimentological Analyses. Journal of Archaeological Science 30: 651–665. (Gary Huckleberry, Julie K Stein, and Paul Goldberg)

2002        The Fluvial and Geomorphic Context of Indian Knoll, an Archaic Shell Midden in West-Central Kentucky. Geoarchaeology 17:521-553. (Morey, D. F., G. M. Crothers, J. K. Stein, J. P. Fenton and N. P. Herrmann)

2002        Vashon Island Archaeology: A View from Burton Acres Shell Midden, Univ. of Washington Press, Seattle, WA. (edited by Julie K. Stein and Laura S. Phillips)

2001        Sediments in Archaeological Context.. Salt Lake City, Utah, University of Utah Press (edited by J. K. Stein and W. R. Farrand)     (chapter) Archaeological Sediments in Cultural Environments. In, Sediments in Archaeological Context. Edited by J. K. Stein and W. R. Farrand. pp.1-28. Salt Lake City, Utah, University of Utah Press
2001        A Review of Site Formation Processes and Their Relevance to Geoarchaeology. In, Earth Sciences and Archaeology. Edited by P. Goldberg, V. T. Holliday and C. R. Ferring. pp. 37-5. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York.
2000        Exploring Coast Salish Prehistory: Archaeology of San Juan Island, Univ. of Washington Press.

2000        Stratigraphy and Archaeological Dating, in Its About Time: A History of Archaeological Dating in North America, edited by Stephen E. Nash, pp.14-40, University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

1999        “Analysis of Sediments Associated with Human Remains found at Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA” Report submitted to the National Park Service, U.S. Department of Interior, Washington, D.C. (Gary Huckleberry and Julie Stein).

1996        "Earthquake-Induced Burial of Archaeological Sites along the Southern Washington Coast about A. D. 1700", Geoarchaeology 11:165-177. (with Stephen C. Cole, Brian F. Atwater, Patrick T. McCutcheon, Eileen Hemphill-Haley).

1996        Geoarchaeology and Archaeostratigraphy: view from a Northwest Coast Shell Midden, in Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology, edited by E. J. Reitz, L. Newson, and S. Scudder, pp. 35-54 Plenum Press.

1993        Effects of Scale on Archaeological and Geoscientific Perspectives, edited by Julie K. Stein and Angela R. Linse. Geological Society of America, Special Paper # 283.

1992        Deciphering a Shell Midden, Academic Press. p. 375
1992        "Organic Matter in Archaeological Contexts", In Soils in Archaeology, edited by Vance T. Holliday, pp. 193-216. Smithsonian Institution Press.

1990        "Archaeological Stratigraphy", in, Archaeological Geology of North America, edited by N. Lasca and J. Donahue, Geological Society of America, Centennial Special Volume 4. pp. 513-523. Boulder, Colorado.


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