What's New Archive, 2001

December, 2001

Link to the website for the Personal Electric Rapid Transit System, being developed at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, VA.

Link to some excellent new RUF illustrations from Palle Jensen in Denmark

Link to a Segway Discussion page

November, 2001

Link to PhD the Abstract and Table of Contents of a thesis entitled A Low-level PRT Microsimulation by Markus T. Szillat, University of Bristol, U.K., 2000

People movers find their niche - article published in Railway Age, December, 2000.

October, 2001

World Business Council on Sustainable Development - Mobility 2001, a report on a $10 million study, 188 pages, downloadable

World Transport Pictures - a catalog is available

Version 1 of a simulation program developed by Palle Jensen of RUF International in Denmark is now available for download and public use. For best results, read the User's Guide and then try running the program on your computer.

Simple, efficient, non-polluting urban transport operating now in France and hoping to go global via a turnkey program

Overview of AHS precursor research studies done in mid-90's, funded by the Federal Highway Administration ($14 million spent on 76 reports totalling 85,000 pages - CD ROM available)

Article entitled "Whatever Happened to Automated Highway Systems (AHS)?, by Richard Bishop

Link to the CyberCars  website that describes several efforts to develop innovative transport technologies in Europe.

Link to a  website that describes the CyCab intelligent vehicle that is now in production in France

Article entitled "The End of Traffic Jams: A Transportation System for the Future, by Francis D. Reynolds, originally published in The Futurist, Sept.- Oct., 2001

September, 2001

Link to a new website for the Electronic Guideway System, a small vehicle, quadmode concept

Added a table of transportation technology assessment criteria developed by the Elevated Transportation Company in Seattle

Added a table of 59 evaluation questions that can serve as a check-list in studies of alternative transit technology options

Link to the City Mobility website. Features a door-to-door concept using guided vehicles

Link to a PRT proposal for Emeryville, California (San Franciso Bay region) by Cities 21

August, 2001

Link to press release about groundbreaking ceremony at Old Dominion University for construction of a short maglev line, being built by American Maglev

Link to website that describes the monorail project now underway in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Construction expected to be complete in March 2002, full operation in July, 2002

Seven page, illustrated, article entitled "The Transportation System of the Future" by Francis D. Reynolds is now available in the September-October issue of The Futurist magazine, published by The World Future Society. Available from the Electric Library as indicated.

Link to the new Maglev2000 website, based in Florida

Link to new website that describes the history of Seattle's Alweg monorail and argues for more monorails in Seattle.

July, 2001

Link to a paper entitled "PRT - A Potential Urban Transport Solution", Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Joint Research Centre of the EU, Seville, Spain, July, 2001

Added several new Dualmode Debate contributions

Link to a new website located in Seattle that provides information on Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Magnemotion receives award from the U.S. Department of Transportation for urban maglev transit technology research project

June, 2001

Two photos (as built) and two illustrations (proposed) of PRT stations devised for the German Cabintaxi PRT system in the early 1970s

May, 2001

Conference announcement: Transportation and Economic Development, Portland, Oregon, September 23-25, 2001 (includes session on emerging technologies).

Conference announcement: 2nd International Conference on Urban Public Transit, Washington, D.C., April 14-18, 2002

Link to the Directory of Policy Journals in Transport, Urban Planning and Sustainability, from the Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy (ISTP)

Florida legislature passes high speed rail bill - text of the bill is on-line

Urban Maglev (low-speed) project progress report from General Atomics in San Diego

April, 2001

Link to the California Maglev Project website

Link to the website for the 17th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Drives, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 3-5, 2002 [User name: epfl; Password: 2002]

Link to a German website (English version) that describes a small-vehicle tube transport concept, called RUMBA.

Link to Las Vegas monorail website

Link to an extensive report from the European Union on reducing transportation congestion in the future, includes detailed evaluations of various innovative transportation technologies

Link to the AVT-Train website, an American dualmode concept that features moving conventional autos on a pallet that is loaded into a train, being developed in California.

March, 2001

Link to the website for the Australian Transport Roundtable - a rich source of information from around the world

Link to the new website of the Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Automation Systems activity

Link to a new Swedish report entitled Innovative Transit Systems, by Ingmar Andreasson

February, 2001

Link to a description of the proposed Kangnam PRT project in Seoul, Korea

Link to the new Las Vegas monorail website which describes a 4 mile route expected to become operational in 2004

Links to three websites operated by citizen groups interested in promoting Personal Rapid Transit: Minneapolis/St.Paul, Austin and Santa Cruz, California

January, 2001

Link to a website of the Advanced Technology Group in the U.K. - where their SkyCat airship technology is described

US DOT selects two maglev projects from among seven contestants. They are located in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Added a comparison matrix of 41 ready and emerging innovative transportation technologies

Added seven illustrations from a recent RUF system brochure

Link to a paper entitled "A Look at the Future of Ground Transportation" by Anthony Downs of the Brookings Institution (look under Articles)

Preliminary announcement of a design competition for a peoplemover system to provide connections to a CalTrain station in the Silicon Valley in California.

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