PRTquick Headlines for 2008-2010

Information about the city-wide PRT system designed for the Masdar Eco-city in Abu Dhabi - 12/01/10

Large PRT feasibility study released by SkyWeb Express, 44 pp.

New Vectus PRT Brochure now available on-line - quite elegant

Link to a long range plan for the PRT system at West Virginia University, 401 pp., 12/30/2010

PodCar City conference (San Jose)  presentations and videos now available, 12/16/2010

Video of Masdar Eco-City personal rapid transit system in operation  , 12/14/2010

Link to an extensive report, with a global coverage, entitled Guidelines for Planning and Implementing Automated Peoplemover Systems at Airports, 229 pp., 10/19/2010

Link to an article that provides some explanation of the decision to limit PodCar deployment in Masdar, 10/15/2010

Link to new publication from the U.K.: Guidelines for Implementers of Personal Rapid Transit, 9/2/2010

Minnesota DOT issues a Request for Interest regarding PRT Viability and Benefits, 2/8/2010; List of Responders, 6/2010

JPods releases long-range deployment plan, 1/24/2010

ULTra begins final series of tests at Heathrow Airport before opening to the public in late spring, 2010

ULTra PRT circulator proposal for the Perimeter Center area in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, 2010

Initial segment of the World's first city-wide PRT network undergoing testing in Masdar, Abu Dhabi, 9/5/2009

Illustration of how PRT could be used to supplement a mass transit service in the Dulles Airport Corridor in Northern Virginia, using a Transit Utility concept, Jan. '08

Update on ULTra PRT installation at Healthrow Airport, January, 2008

New Jersey PRT Study Final Report released, quite comprehensive, 144 pp, pdf format

Conference: The Pod Car City: Sustainable Transportation, Sept. 14-16, 2008, Ithaca, NY

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