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These papers were presented at the International Conference on Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and Emerging Transportation Systems, held at the Marriott City Center Hotel, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 18-20. It was sponsored by the University of Minnesota's Center for Transportation Studies; Institute for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in cooperation with the University of Minnesota's Office of Research and Technology Transfer Administration and the Advanced Transit Association. Fourty-one presentations were made (including one videotape only) and 36 papers were available at the conference. Two luncheon presentations (one provided a paper) were made and one overview paper was distributed to all attendees. There were 106 registrants. Eleven countries were represented by 80 people from the U.S. and 26 people from elsewhere: Canada, England, Sweden, Denmark, Korea, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Israel plus a paper only from Taiwan.

Paper titles and authors are listed below. Abstracts for most papers are available by clicking on ABS and are provided on separate Web pages. Additional information for some papers is available at a WEB site. Contact information for each author is available by clicking on their name. Tabulated information about where the registrants came from is also available.

Eight of these papers were published in a special issue of Infrastructure, 2:3, Spring, 1997. Authors included were Kieffer, Anderson, Gluck, Tegner,Lowson,MacDonald, Gore/Sancar and Richert.

PRT Overview Paper: Essentials of Personal Rapid Transit, by J. Edward Anderson , October, 1996, (19 pp), ABS


1. The Fundamental Gaps in Urban Public Transit, by Jarold A. Kieffer , (6 pp)

2. Some Lessons from the History of PRT , by J. Edward Anderson , (21 pp)

3. Survey of Current R&D in Advanced Transit Systems, by Ingmar Andréasson , (12 pp) ABS

Why PRT?

4. The Simple, Compelling Case for PRT, by William Wilde , (16 pp), ABS

5. Two Giant Steps Toward Earth's Sustainability, by Robert C. McLane , (9 pp) ABS

6. Seeking Profit Prospects for PRT in Colorado, by Byron L. Johnson , (5 pp), ABS

Luncheon Talk

7. What Emerging Transportation Shouldn't Learn from Established System, Don Pickrell , Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, Cambridge, MA (no paper)

PRT Applications

8. Applicability of PRT in Swedish Cities, by Ingmar Andréasson , (7 pp)

9. A PRT System for European Cities, by Martin V. Lowson , (10 pp), ABS

Web site available

10. PRT Planning in Korea, by Ray MacDonald , (10), ABS

Web site available

11. SeaTac PRT Program: Conclusions of a Major Investment Study, by Bruce Rayburn and Richard Wolsfeld , (no paper)

PRT Planning and Evaluation

12. Market Demands and Social Benefits of a PRT System: A Model Evaluation for the City of Umeå, Sweden, by Göran Tegnér , (20 pp), ABS

13. Designing a High Performance PRT Network for an Edge City, by Jerry Schneider , (24 pp), ABS and full paper available. Software description and related paper also available

14. Evaluating Potential Effects on Urban Form and Function of a PRT System, by Barry Gore and Fahriye Sancar, (31 pp), ABS

Captive-Vehicle Systems

15. Morgantown PRT System ( a videotape presentation, about 22 minutes)

Web site available A copy of this video can be obtained by writing to: Robert Hendershot, System Engineering Manager, Morgantown PRT, 99 8th St., Morgantown, West Virginia, 26506. So far as is known, there is no charge for a copy. This tape was produced for the Boeing Aerospace Company in the late 1970's.

16. PRT 2000: Design and Development of a Transit Grade PRT System, by Stephen J. Gluck , (13 pp), ABS

Web site available

17. Cybertran®: A Systems Analysis Solution to the High Cost and Low Passenger Appeal of Conventional Rail Systems, by John A. Dearien , Richard D. Struthers, Kent D. McCarthy, (13 pp), ABS

18. Solos Micro Metro, by Jim Kor , (35 pp) ABS

Dual-Mode Systems

19. The RUF System: A Dual-Mode Auto/Transit Electric Vehicle System, by Palle R. Jensen (9 pp) ABS

Web site available

20. Automated Urban Vehicles: Towards a Dual-Mode PRT, by Michel Parent and Yves David (8 pp) ABS

Web site available

21. Electric Energy Line System, by Mark Buehrer (8 pp) ABS

Web site available

22. Monomobile: Dual-Mode Performance, Costs and Marketability, by Jay Andress (6 pp) ABS

Luncheon Talk

23. Community Sustainability: The Road to Sane Transportation, by Andrew Euston , (22 pp). Office of the Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., ABS

Innovative Systems

24. High-Speed PRT: Austrans - A Unique Solution, by Arthur Bishop and Graham Taylor (13 pp), ABS

Web site available

25. Monorails: The Transportation Solution for the 21st Century, by Robert Frankel (40 pp) ABS

26. Suspended PRT: Pathfinder, by Stanley Hallett (4 pp)

Web site available

27. The Making of an Affordable Transit System: The Mitchell Transit System, by Peter Mitchell , Bruce Mitchell, Dennis Mitchell and Rex Mitchell (33 pp) ABS

Web site available

Personal Public Transport: Developments and Prospects

28. Personal Public Transport: Developments and Prospects, by Garry Glazebrook and Sam Subramaniam (19 pp). ABS

29. Stations Cars: Personal Mobility at Less Dollar and Social Cost, by Martin J. Bernard III (7 pp)

Web site available

30. The North Bethesda Transitway, by John J. Clark , (4 pp)

Socioeconomics and Finance

31. Ridership Study for PRT System in Rosemont, Illinois, by Cissy Szeto , Ronald Shimizu and Joanne Schroeder (9 pp), ABS

32. The Rider's Impression of a Simulated Trip by PRT, by Elsa Rosenblad (7 pp) ABS

Web site available

33. The San Diego Intermodal Program: Privately Financed PRT Development, by Tom Richert (11 pp), ABS

34. Personal Rapid Transit: Can It Take us from Here to There?, by Joseph Jones and Alex Rada (13 pp), ABS

Innovative Systems

35. A PRT Airport: Serving a Transportation Function, by William Rourke , (10 pp) ABS

36. Characteristics of a Pipeline Transportation System, by Yiyuan Zhao and Thomas Lundgren (8 pp), ABS

37. HUPE 2000: The Hope of Transportation for the Next Century, by Jonathan Lee (7 pp), ABS


38. PRT Control, by J. Edward Anderson (15 pp), ABS

39. Feasibility of Advanced Control Systems (AVCS) for Transit Buses, by Robert A. Larsen (11 pp), ABS

40. Defining and Measuring Service Availability for Complex Transportation Networks, by Charles Elms (11 pp), ABS

41. People-Powered PRT - Preliminary Concepts, by George Bliss and George Haikalis (21 pp), ABS

PRT Guideways

42. Effects of PRT Guideway Design on System Cost, by George Anagnostopoulos (no paper)

43. Alternative Guideway Concepts for PRT Systems, by Bob Griebenow (no paper)

44. Low Cost Steel Guideway for PRT Systems, by James S. Guarre (no paper)

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