Flow in porous gel to deposit nanoparticles on cells

Effective Permeability - Won Choe

Velocity Uniformity - Rachel Freeman

Microfluidics - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Ch. E. 499 - Autumn, 2006

Supervised by Professor Emeritus Bruce A. Finlayson

Department of Chemical Engineering - University of Washington

Won, Thuan, Bruce, Rachel, Shawn, Nick

This quarter we worked on two problems suggested by others. Professor Suzie Pun and Dr. Chee Ng in Bioengineering suggested we look at the unifomity of the velocity profile in one of their devices, in which they imbed nanoparticles on cells in a gel (Won and Rachel). The other project was suggested by Mark Petrich of Rosetta, a division of Merck. Several projects involved the mixing of chemicals to analyze drug reactions. We just looked at the mixing (Shawn, Nick, and Thuan).

Mixing for Drug Tests

Orbital Mixing - Shawn Lillie

Mixing Via Jet Injection and Removal - Nick Cox

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This web site is dedicated to providing coorelations and design information for laminar flow, thus augmenting the extensive information available for turbulent flow. Most microfluidic devices involve laminar flow and diffusion. The students mentioned here were Dreyfus Undergraduate Research Scholars at the University of Washington, under the Senior Mentor Program awarded to Professor Finlayson by the

Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.

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