Gallery of Neurons
Welcome to the Gallery of Neurons. Here you will find photographs of neurons from different parts of the nervous system. Some of the photographs have arrows that point out various features of the cells.

These images (each file size is about 3-7 Kb) were taken using a microscope that was attached to a video camera that was attached to a computer. I captured the image and then "colorized" it using Photoshop. The "stain" used to see some of these neurons shows only the cell body and some of the dendrites.

Click on any photo to see a larger image and a brief description.

Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons

Spinal Cord Neurons

Cerebral Cortex Neurons

Cerebellum Neurons

Mesencephalic Nucleus of the
Trigeminal Nerve Neurons

Facial Nucleus Neurons

Substantia Nigra Neurons

Hippocampus Neurons


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