PAPERS IN PREPARATION - these are topics that I have researched, thought about a lot, and maybe even have written a draft unpublished manuscript, but have not yet gotten around to finishing. Some are more likely than others to see the light of day (also known as the printed page).

Mills, C.E. Precipitous decline in the hydromedusan jellyfish Aequorea victoria from the waters of north Puget Sound, Washington.

Dichotomous, illustrated, revised keys for the Fourth Edition of Light's Manual = The Light and Smith Manual: The Intertidal Invertebrates of the CentralCalifornia and Oregon Coasts. To be finished in late 2000.
1) Mills, C.E. and S.H.D. Haddock: The Ctenophora.
2) Mills, C.E. and R.J. Larson: The Scyphozoa.
3) Mills, C.E., A.C. Marques and A.E. Migotto: The Hydrozoa.

Secord, D.L., J.S. Pearse, V.B. Pearse, amd C.E. Mills. Laboratory and field observations on seasonal cycles of fission in the sea anemone Anthopleaura elegantissima in Washington State and California.

Mills, C.E. Invasion of the Asian clam Nuttallia obsurata into the marine waters of Washington State and British Columbia.

Rees, J.T., A. N. Cohen, and C.E. Mills. Scrippsia pacifica (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) in California and a discussion of the gradually disappearing, large, essentially benthic, bay-dwelling hydromedusae of the family Polyorchidae. Manuscript nearly ready for submission, August 2000.

Mills, C.E. Life histories of the co-occurring stauromedusae Haliclystus sanjuanensis and Manania handi in the San Juan Archipelago of Washington State.

Rees, J.T. and C.E. Mills. Biology and life history stages of the hydromedusa Polyorchis penicellatus (Cnidaria, Polyorchidae).

Mills, C. E. Feeding, buoyancy, and diel vertical migration in the boreal hydromedusa Aglantha digitale.

Mills, C.E., M. M. Gowing, and C.L. Singla. A new species of hydromedusa, a minute suspension-feeding Trachymedusa (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Rhopalonematidae) collected in particle interceptor traps in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.

Mills, C.E. Seasonal and diel vertical distribution of medusae, siphonophores, and ctenophores in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia.

Mills, C.E. Seasonal changes in macroplankton community structure in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia, as observed from a manned submersible, Pisces IV.

Mills, C.E. An atlas of patterns of green fluoresence in 30 species of nearshore and oceanic hydromedusae.

Larson, R.J. and C.E. Mills. The biology of deep-sea medusae: a review.

Larson, R.J. and C.E. Mills. Deep-sea medusae from the NW Atlantic, including descriptions of 14 (?) new species.

Harbison, G.R. and C.E. Mills. A review and revision of the cydippid mertensiid ctenophores, with descriptions of 4 new species.

Mills, C.E., D. Carré and C. Carré. An ultrastructural study of desmoneme nematocysts in the Hydrozoa: variation of form in the Anthomedusae, Limnomedusae and Siphonophora.

Mills, C.E. A functional analysis of the medusan body plan: morphological versus reproductive adaptation to coastal and oceanic habitats.

Mills, C.E. Swimming and feeding in hydromedusae: A comparison of time allocation and feeding morphology between medusivorous, piscivorous, and microplanktivorous jellyfish.

Mills, C.E. and D.M. Lickey. Predator-prey relationships among hydromedusae: the importance of swimming patterns in determining whether to eat or be eaten (the case of Mitrocomella polydiademata, Catablema nodulosa, and Aequorea victoria).

Mills, C.E., and M.G. Mottet. Distribution and biology of Northeastern Pacific planktonic Octopus larvae.

Mills, C.E. Growth, reproduction and population biology of the bay-dwelling semi-benthic hydromedusa(e) Gonionemus vertens and ?Cladonema californicum.

Mills, C.E. and R.J. Larson. In situ behavior and tentacle postures of mesopelagic trachymedusae as observed from a submersible.

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