Brian Browning


University of Washington
Department of Medicine, Division of Medical Genetics
Health Sciences Building, K-253
Box 357720
Seattle, WA 98195-7720



Beagle performs genotype phasing and imputation.
flare performs local ancestry inference.
ibd-ends performs probabilistic estimation of IBD segment endpoints.
hap-IBD detects identity-by-descent segments.
Refined IBD detects identity-by-descent segments using a haplotype frequency model.
SPrime detects introgressed genetic variants.
Utilities utility programs for manipulating data files.
Conform-GT converts allele strands in a target VCF file to match a reference file.
IBDseq detects identity-by-descent segments using allele frequencies.
IBDNe estimates effective population size in recent generations.
SEQERR estimates genotype error rates for whole-genome sequence data.
Presto computes order statistic distributions and multiple-testing-adjusted p-values for genome-wide association studies.
BeagleCall performs SNP array genotype calling using linkage disequilibrium.

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