About Us



Lori A. Zoellner, PhD
Professor, Psychology

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Minor: Behavioral Neuroscience
M.A. Clinical Psychology, Minor: Behavioral Neuroscience
Rice University
B.A. Psychology and Sociology

Associate Director

Michele Bedard-Gilligan, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

My research interests are in understanding mechanisms of recovery following trauma exposure. I am interested in answering questions that can help us understand “what works for whom” to improve our current prevention and intervention approaches for PTSD and related problems. I also have interests in the overlap of PTSD and substance use, with a particular focus on how alcohol and cannabis use impact recovery following trauma exposure.

Medical Director

Richard Ries, MD

Director of Global Programs

Dega Angula, MSc

Dega Angula MSc. has over 20 years’ experience in, leading, designing and implementing public health interventions in diverse international settings and led multi-cultural interdisciplinary professional teams. Dega joined University of Washington in 2007 and has served as Country Director in Namibia and South Africa.  Prior to joining University of Washington, she served various global health organizations including the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and Medecins du Monde (France) and held a senior leadership positions. Dega has a MSc from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London.

Research Fellows and Clinicians

Elizabeth Lehinger, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
My research interests are related to improving treatment outcomes for people who have PTSD and co-occurring substance use disorders. I am passionate about improving PTSD treatment initiation and retention in this population. I am also interested in better understanding the role of emotional avoidance in PTSD treatment outcomes.

Doctoral Researchers and Clinicians

Pete Rosencrans, MS
My research interests include applying principles from dynamical systems science to better understand PTSD etiology, maintenance and treatment. Specifically, I am interested in applying systems-oriented analytic techniques, such as network modeling, to study how elements of PTSD interact with another over time in order to identify drivers of PTSD maintenance and recovery.

Emma PeConga, BS
My research interests center on the cognitive mechanisms underlying autobiographical and working memory deficits in populations that have experienced trauma, particularly survivors of sexual assault, and how these mechanisms contribute to the maintanence and etiology of PTSD.

Gabby Gauthier, BA
I am interested in better understanding the development and maintenance of intrusive memories following trauma exposure. In particular, I am interested in peritraumatic cognitive mechanisms and their potential application to early intervention in trauma-related disorders.


Research Coordinators

Jenna Mohr, BS
My research interests include the role of social mechanisms on the development and treatment outcomes of PTSD and co-occurring substance use, specifically among those who have had unwanted sexual experiences. Additionally, I am interested in the  trajectory of seeking treatment after trauma exposure. 

Sarah Cornell-Maier, BA
My research interests center on the interactions and co-occurrence of trauma-related disorders and substance use. I am particularly interested in the use of substances as a coping mechanism for trauma symptoms and the impact of self-medication on treatment success, specifically in populations who have experienced sexual assault.