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CSS 497 -- Capstone Information
(Note that while this information may be useful by other CSS students, it is intended for use by my advisees.)

You can find information on the Capstone, including the different options and competencies, from the CSS Program Capstone website.   While the contract and abstract are located on the CSS website, use my copy of the contract and abstract (with my name hardcoded):   CSS 497 Contract     CSS 497 Abstract

Download the word doc and incorporate your answers directly into the word doc contract. Ignore instructions on other contract versions that say to attach a separate sheet with answers to the questions. Note that the whole thing must be typed, including the first page.

Here is information for the contract including
      -- CSS core competencies
      -- CSS advanced (area) competencies

Another requirement is that you attend at least one Colloquium (presentations of student's internship experience) before you present.

Information for your Contract and timeline of what is done when

Information for your Contract Deliverables

Information for your Colloquium Poster

Information for your Colloquium Presentation