Information on Writing your Contract


Usually when I have approved of the contract, I simply copy Janet in on my email reply to you and then she will send you an entry code. (Essentially, the last two steps are combined.)

The Contract

I will only do CR/NC grade option.
        It is too difficult to assign a decimal grade to your work.

Download the contract from me (same as will be on the CSS website but with my name on it) and fill it in:   CSS 497 Contract
DO NOT answer the questions in a separate document and attach the answers. Put answers directly with questions.
Note that the whole thing must be typed, including the first page.

For the title, make it descriptive, not too short.
        For example, "Software Development" is a bad title, too vague.
        Use something more detailed ... "Software Development for a Compiler Tool -- CodeTest "
        (Do not put the company name or your specific job title in the title.)

For the brief description, include a summary of the material you put in question #1.
        It should be a stand-alone clear description, but without the kind of detail you will put in your answer to question #1.

For question #1 , you're basically describing the project. You may repeat material you already wrote in the brief description.
        Everything should be self explanatory. Explain everything clearly. Assume I don't know anything.
                -- First explain a bit about the company.
                    What does the company do? If appropriate, describe an overview of its products.
                -- Then explain the project. How does what you're doing fit?
                -- What is your project used for?
                -- Imagine I'm asking questions about what you wrote, and put those answers in the contract.
        Write at least two decent paragraphs for #1, at least 3/4 page long.

For question #2 , make a bulleted list of several (seven, eight, ...) of the competencies that apply and write a few sentences about each.

For question #6, list specific deliverables (for me).
You have a choice of two alternatives: four reports or weekly status emails/one report.

        (1.) You will have at least 4 reports in total for the 10 credits:
                Report #1, Report #2, Report #3, Final Report.
                Information on content of the reports.
        Specific due dates are not critical. You can say "Week of x" as the due date
        (where x is spread out over the time of your internship).
        Also, be sure to include the abstract and poster/presentation (due the day of the colloquium).
        For example (use correct dates for your internship):
                Report #1     Due week of July 5
                Report #2     Due week of July19
                Report #3     Due week of Aug 9
                Poster, Presentation       Due at Summer 2010 Colloquium
                Final Report, Abstract     Due week of Aug 16

        Another example -- if it spans more than one quarter:
                Report #1     Due week of July 19
                Report #2     Due week of Aug 16
                Report #3     Due week of Oct 25
                Poster, Presentation       Due at Autumn 2010 Colloquium
                Final Report, Abstract     Due week of Dec 6

        (2.) An alternative to the first three reports is to give email weekly status
        reports saying what you have learned, what you are working on.

For question #7, include things like: