I am an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics and a Data Science fellow in the eScience Institute at the University of Washington. I received my PhD in Statistics at the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) at 2016 under supervision of Larry Wasserman and Christopher R. Genovese. I was also intensively involved in the cosmology group led by Shirley Ho at CMU. Before pursuing my PhD, I earned a B.S. in Physics with minor in Mathematics at National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

My research focuses on finding subtle structure in complex datasets. Such structure includes clusters and lower dimensional manifolds on which data concentrate and topological features of the underlying distribution. In particular, I study asymptotic theory for estimating these structures and propose valid procedures for constructing confidence sets. Outside statistics, I work with experts in cosmology, machine learning, biology, psychology, and industrial engineering.

Contact: yenchic(at)uw(dot)edu

Research Interests

Statistics: nonparametric statistics, empirical processes, topological data analysis, applied statistics
Machine Learning: cluster analysis, statistical learning theory, manifold learning
Cosmology: large-scale structure, astrostatistics

Research Affiliations

Research Groups

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

  • University of Washington:
    • Ashis Banerjee
    • Youngjun Choe
    • Wei Guo
  • Academia Sinica (Taiwan):
    • Yen-Ting Lin
  • Carnegie Mellon University:
    • Rupert Croft
    • Tiziana DiMatteo
    • Hung-Jin Huang
    • Rachel Mandelbaum
    • Sukhdeep Singh
    • Ananth Tenneti
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Lab:
    • Siyu He
    • Shirley Ho
  • New York University:
    • Anthony Pullen
  • Ohio State University:
    • Jonathan Blazek
  • Princeton University:
    • Peter Melchior
  • University of Washington:
    • Andrew Connolly
    • Matthew McQuinn
    • Chris Morrison
    • Matthew Wilde
  • Carnegie Mellon University:
    • Martin Azizyan
    • Aarti Singh
  • Montana State University:
    • Brittany Fasy
  • University of Washington:
    • Jiaqi Yin
    • Andrew Zhou
  • University of Toronto (Canada):
    • Ran Kafri
    • Shixuan Liu
    • Ceryl Tan
    • Jerry Wang
  • Harvard Medical School:
    • Miriam Ginzberg
  • National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan):
    • Li-Yun Chang

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