WaToToM Basics

The Washington Teachers of Teachers of Mathematics (WaToToM) is a group concerned with how best to prepare future teachers of K-12 mathematics. The majority of us are faculty members in mathematics and/or mathematics education departments, but some very valuable members are K-12 teachers and administrators who help keep us in touch with reality. We gather annually at the Sleeping Lady Resort and Conference Center in Leavenworth. Our initial gatherings, starting in 1998, were mainly devoted to community building – prior to that there had been absolutely no contact among the state's mathematics teacher-educators. By 2001, we began to feel that we had sufficient knowledge of ourselves and solid enough common views to begin to exercise our voice. After each of the next two gatherings we formulated position papers which we sent to the Office of the Superintendant of Public Instruction and/or the Higher Education Coordination Board. Since that time we have been invited to speak to, or work on a number of issues. We continue to work towards supporting each other so that together we can support Washington's K-12 mathematics education.

For its first decade WaToToM operated almost entirely informally. As of 2009, we developed more structure, including an Executive Committee and a website entitled Washington Mathematics. We also have a regular representative from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. On the other hand, we have intentionally avoided any form of formalization that might discourage anyone from joining us. "Becoming a member" consists of asking to be put on the (electronic) mailing list through which all communication happens. We have no outside financial support, so that anyone attending a gathering needs to be supported by his or her college or university. The University of Washington Mathematics Department supports us by regularly supplying the deposit for Sleeping Lady, and we have a strong commitment to repaying that deposit.
For more detailed descriptions of our gatherings to date, and for the texts of some of the letters sent out by WaToToM as well as a few replies and other relevant resources, use the links to the left.

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