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Toby Bradshaw Toby Bradshaw      (CV)

Toby's research interests are in the detailed molecular genetic basis of adaptive evolution in natural populations, particularly the origin of new species resulting from premating reproductive isolation.  In his spare time he roams the Great Basin with his Harris's hawks, in search of jackrabbits.

Yaowu Yuan Yaowu Yuan

Yaowu is interested in the evolutionary, genetic, and developmental bases for the diversification of floral form. He is using our induced mutants of floral form to discover the genetic networks that determine flower shape, structure, color, and pattern. He will take an Assistant Professor position at UConn in June 2013. When he is not busy making transgenic Mimulus, scanning the Mimulus genome for new mutations, or screening a yeast two-hybrid library, he may be fishing or playing table tennis.

Kelsey Byers Kelsey Byers

Kelsey (co-advised by Jeff Riffell) has discovered that M. lewisii and M. cardinalis have very different scents, consistent with the different olfactory capabilities of their pollinators. M. lewisii emits >100 times as much scent as M. cardinalis, presumably because scent is much more important to bumblebees than to hummingbirds. Kelsey has received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for her work. She hikes recreationally, keeping an eye out for interesting plant-pollinator interactions!

Octavio Campos Octavio Campos

Octavio (co-advised by Tom Daniel) is creating artificial flowers with a 3-D printer to explore the morphological features that promote visitation and pollination by hawkmoths. Octavio has received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Riane Young Riane Young

Riane's expertise is in genotyping. She screened more than 6000 Mimulus seedlings for recombination events to map ROSE INTENSITY1 and YELLOW UPPER. Her own research project is to identify the major QTL for pistil length.

Janelle Sagawa Janelle Sagawa

Janelle started as an undergrad in the lab, and is now working as a technician. She is responsible for producing the hundreds of transgenic Mimulus that we use to test gene function. She also does much of the RNA work (extractions, RT-PCR, qPCR) and yeast two-hybrid library construction/screening.

James Vela James Vela

James builds various plasmid constructs (RNAi, overexpression, GUS fusions, E. coli expression), does phenotyping and genotyping of mapping populations, and preps DNA for bulked segregant analysis by Illumina sequencing. In his spare time he plays football and studies for the MCAT.

Brian Watson Brian Watson

Brian has two principal jobs in the lab -- taking care of thousands of Mimulus plants in the greenhouse, and worrying.  He likes to give impromptu history lessons on the ancient world, so that we are not condemned to repeat their mistakes.

Y. Sam Y. Sam

This is an F2 flower from a cross between M. lewisii and M. cardinalis.  Doug Schemske and Toby Bradshaw photographed this flower illuminated by ultraviolet light, revealing the unmistakable image of a well-known Warner Bros. cartoon character.

Nature Associate Editor Christopher Surridge rejected our manuscript describing this phenomenon, writing, "We fear however that these [serious scientific points] are far outweighed by the deluge of potatoes looking like Richard Nixon."

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