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Floating issues List

29 Sept: Issues
6 Oct: A Semi-opaque process
13 Oct: Letter vs. Spirit
20 Oct: Comparing Translations
27 Oct: Process and Hermeneutics
3 Nov: Radical Translation
10 Nov: Linguistic Differences I
17 Nov: Linguistic Differences II
24 Nov: Traveling Will
1 Dec: Literary Considerations I
8 Dec: Literary Consdiderations II

13 Dec: Final Project Presentations

Assignments and Readings for Week 1, September 29

Before Class
Read my illustration, using examples of translating a German and a Chinese poem into English, of the difficulties of translation.

By 8:30 a.m., post any kind of commentary you want, from just general musing to word-by-word critique, on my commentary. Post all commentaries to a single conversation. This assignment will not be graded.

In class

We will do four things:
  • We'll introduce ourselves and our interests
  • I'll say something about the class and the assignments
  • We will go over my commentary and your commentaries on it. You should have this material available to you in class, either on paper or on a computer. As we run into general issues raised by this commentary and your commentaries on commentaries, we will use them as the beginnings of our floating issues list.
  • We will assign discussants for people's annotated translations due next week.