FISH 497A --- ANTH 469E --- SMA 550C


MW 10:30-12:00, Fisheries Science Building 203

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Stevan Harrell
Professor of Anthropology
Curator of Asian Ethnology, Burke Museum
Faculty Associate, Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology
Office: You'll never find it; better to email
Phone: 543-5344 (rarely there; better to email)
Robert C. Francis
Professor Emeritus of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences
Office: FSH 316B
Phone: 543-7345


This is a seminar for graduates and senior undergraduates in any discipline who are interested in or concerned about the issues of ecological or environmental sustainability. The first section of the course will be concerned with vocabulary building and conceptual clarity, analyzing the use of "sustainability" and related concepts such as stability, equilibrium, resilience, ecological footprint, and robustness, in disciplines such as ecology, geography, anthropology, development, economics, conservation biology etc... The second section of the course will consist of case studies of sustainability and resilience in fisheries (Francis) and agriculture (Harrell). Each of these case studies will include a field trip. The final section will consist of interdisciplinary student group projects on issues selected by the students. Reports on progress of group projects will be interspersed with presentations from guest lecturers from a variety of disciplines.