Photo Gallery

Pun lab Olympics, 2021
Pun lab BBQ, 2021
Pun lab BBQ, 2019
Pun lab bowling, 2019
Pun lab bowling, 2019
Pun lab Holiday Party, 2018
Pun lab BBQ, 2018
Pun lab BBQ invite, 2018
UW Cherry Blossoms, 2018
Pun lab Holiday Party, 2017
Pun lab retreat photo scavenger hunt, 2017
Pun lab BBQ, 2017
Pun lab Holiday Party, 2016
Pun lab Retreat, 2016
Pun lab BBQ, 2016
Pun lab Holiday Party, 2015
Pun lab BBQ, 2015
Pun lab group, spring 2014
Pun lab entry for UW BioE Holiday Party Bake-Off, 2013
Three-peat Champions!!
Pun lab BBQ, 2013
Pun lab holiday party, 2012
Pun lab BBQ, 2012
Pun lab holiday party, 2012
In Lab (Peter and Joan)
In Lab (Maryelise)
Pun lab BBQ - Grad Students, 2011
(L to R) Christine (Pun-tater), Julie (Pun-kin), Dave (Pun-gent), Kat (Pun-net Square), Leslie (Pun-flower), Maryelise (Pun-ion), Dr. Pun (Pun-ny)
Pun lab BBQ, 2011
Pun lab retreat, 2010
Pun lab group, 2010
Pun lab party, 2009
Goodbye lunch for Jamie Bergen, Ph.D. at University Teriyaki, 2008
Pun lab holiday party, 2007
The Pun lab members show off their gifts at the 2006 holiday party
BMES conference in Chicago, 2006
Shirley's goodbye dinner at University Teriyaki
Group photo in front of Drumheller fountain
Tammy, Suzie, and Jamie canoeing on Lake Washington