Recently Published

  • Robust optic alignment in a tilt-free implementation of the Rowland circle spectrometer
    D. R. Mortensen, and G. T. Seidler, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 215 (2017).
  • Warm dense crystallography
    R. A. Valenza and G. T. Seidler, Physical Review B 93 (11), 7 (2016).
  • Note: A disposable x-ray camera based on mass produced complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor sensors and single-board computers
    O. R. Hoidn and G. T. Seidler, Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (8) (2015).
  • A laboratory-based hard x-ray monochromator for high-resolution x-ray emission spectroscopy and x-ray absorption near edge structure measurements
    G. T. Seidler, D. R. Mortensen, A. J. Remesnik, J. I. Pacold, N. A. Ball, N. Barry, M. Styczinski and O. R. Hoidn, Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (11), 12 (2014).
  • Photometric study of single-shot energy-dispersive x-ray diffraction at a laser plasma facility
    O. R. Hoidn and G. T. Seidler, Physics of Plasmas 21 (1) (2014).

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