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Robert J. Turner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

University of Washington, Bothell

Box 358511  

11136 N.E. 18th Street

Bothell, WA 98201


Office: UW2-210


(425) 352-3616


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Research Statement



EPA Research Proposal 2010

Development of a Model for the Assessment of Biogeochemical

Dynamics and Restoration Strategies in Penn Cove


Hood Canal Research Proposal 2009


Selected Research Publications


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Turner, R, McElroy, A, Gobler, C, Brownawell, B, Barnes, R, Terriciano, S, and Gibbins, B. 2006.  Investigations of the Acute Effects of Mosquito Control Activities on Water Quality, Fish, and Shrimp in the Salt Marshes of Suffolk County, NY.  Abstract for the Tenth Annual Frances S. Sterrett Environmental Chemistry Symposium, Hofstra University. 2pp.  See the abstract.  View the Power Point presentation.


McElroy, A, Gobler, C, Turner, R. 2005.  Assessment of the Potential Effects of Mosquito Spraying on Local Organisms – Caging Study – Saltwater Assessment.  Final technical report submitted for inclusion in Suffolk County Vector Control and Wetlands Management Long Term Plan and Generic Environmental Impact Statement.


Turner, RJ. 2005.  Beachrock, in Schwartz, ML, ed., Encyclopedia of Coastal Science.  Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands. Pp. 183-186.



Turner, RJ. 2005.  Final Report – Southampton College Initiative to Improve Peconic Estuary Water Quality.  Submitted to the Peconic Estuary Program. 12p + attachments.


Warren, J and Turner, RJ. 2005.  R/CCP-10: Physical, Sedimentary, and Hydrologic Impacts of Barrier Island Breach Events on Long Island Estuaries. Completion Report submitted to NY Sea Grant. 23p + appendices.


Turner, RJ. 1999.  The Evolution of Beachrock Morphology and its Influence on Beach Morphodynamics, in Fletcher, CH and Matthews, JV, eds., The Non-steady State of the Inner Shelf and Shoreline: Coastal Change on the Time Scale of Decades to Millenia in the Late Quaternary.  Abstr. with Prog., IGCP Project #437 "Coastal Environmental Change During Sea Level Highstands," Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, 249p.  Or go to this article on the web (scroll down to Turner)


Student Research


21 Acres Projects

Links to many student-driven studies conducted over several years in partnership with the 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living.


University of Washington Goat Assessment and Proposal

A study conducted by Kimberely Bigham, Sophie Bui, Ashley Olsen, Will Paul and  Stephanie Stone for BIS 392 during the fall 2007 quarter.  Click the link above to read a report on why we might get a herd of goats on campus, or view a power point presentation.


Assessment of the Quality of Groundwater Discharging from the University of Washington Bothell Stormwater System

Conducted with the students of BCUSP 133e (Spring 2007), student research assistants Elsa Piekarski and Scott Christy, and UWB science lab coordinator Christy Cherrier.


Fecal Coliform Pollution Testing – North Creek and Hicks Lake

Conducted as a class project in BIS 293 (Summer 2007) by Donald Fraser, Orsolya Nance, Melanie Panoke, and Christopher Scott



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