MSE 170 Fundamentals of Materials Science

Fundamental principles of structure and properties of materials utilized in practice of engineering. Properties of materials are related to atomic, molecular, crystalline structure. Metals, ceramics, multiphase systems, and polymeric materials. Relationships between structure and electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical properties. For advanced freshmen and sophomores. Prerequisite: either CHEM 150, CHEM 152, or CHEM 155. Fall 2013.

MSE 351 Electronic Properties of Materials

Introduction to elementary solid-state concepts in materials, free electrons, and band theories. Principles to conduction in metals, insulators, semiconductors, and applications of semiconductors and devices. Prerequisite: MSE, 170, MSE 331. Winter 2013.

MSE 333 Materials Characterization

Principles and applications of analytical techniques, imaging, diffraction and spectroscopy for materials characterization including crystal structures, texture formation, phase analysis. Nano- and micro-structures of materials including defects and second phases, chemistry, bonding, compositions of materials. Demonstrations and lab experiments involving light scattering and diffraction techniques. Prerequisite: MSE 170; MSE 331. Spring 2013.