Rachel M. Heath


Women's Access to Labor Market Opportunities, Control of Household Resources, and Domestic Violence, World Development 57: 32-46. [pdf] [World Bank WP 6149] [online appendix]

Working Papers:
Why do Firms Hire Using Referrals? Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories [pdf] (revision requested by the Journal of Political Economy)

Manufacturing Growth and the Lives of Bangladeshi Women [pdf] with Mushfiq Mobarak (revision resubmitted to the Journal of Development Economics)

Previously circulated as "Does Supply or Demand Constrain Investments in Education? Evidence from Garment Sector Jobs in Bangladesh".
Press/policy coverage: The Daily Star (Dhaka's English-language newspaper), New York Times Economix, Financial Times beyondbrics, Chris Blattman's blog, Development Impact, Ideas for India, Business Week, Cato Institute, livemint

Intrahousehold Bargaining, Female Autonomy, and Labor Supply: Theory and Evidence from India [pdf] with Xu Tan (submitted)

Bridging the Gap: Identifying What is Holding Self-Employed Women Back in Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, The Republic of Congo, and Uganda [World Bank WP 6946] [online appendix] with Elisa Gamberoni and Emily Nix (submitted)

This article appeared as part of the United Nation's Roadmap for Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

Women’s Assets at Marriage and Microenterprise Profits [pdf]

Research in Progress:
Property Rights and Investments in Inputs in Aquaculture (with Guthrie Gray-Lobe and Mushfiq Mobarak)

The Impact of Rural Health Worker Incentive Schemes on Health Outcomes: A Case Study of Southern Thailand (with Pasita Chaijaroen)

Women's Job Opportunities and Marriage Quality (with Jagori Saha)

Long-term Impacts of Livelihood Interventions on Intra-Household Violence in Bangladesh (with Amber Peterman, Neha Kumar, and Agnes Quisumbing)