Rachel M. Heath


I am an associate professor in the department of Economics at the University of Washington. My research interests are in development and labor economics. In particular, much of my research focuses on increased labor market opportunities for women in developing countries (such as the garment industry in Bangladesh). I study how these new job opportunities are changing women's lives, the factors that influence women's decisions to join the labor force, and how firms make hiring decisions.

A recent keynote I gave at the Fourth Workshop on Women in the Economy at the ISI summarizes the policy implications of some of my research. Or see my research statement or CV for more information.

I was also recently honored to serve as Senior Editor (in conjunction with a wonderful team of Co-Editors: Arielle Bernhardt, Girija Borker, Anne Fitzpatrick, Anthony Keats, Madeline McKelway, Andreas Menzel, Teresa Molina, Garima Sharma ) on a VoxDevLit on women's labor force participation.

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