Lecture videos and slides

Some lectures will be available as videos, particularly for days I am out of town.

Lectures for the first week of classes:

Please watch these lectures in place of in-class lectures on January 4 and 6.

  • Video 1 (25 minutes): Introduction, advection equation, boundary conditions. [slides]
  • Video 2 (32 minutes): Riemann problem, vanishing viscosity solutions, Burgers’ equation. [slides]
  • Video 3 (25 minutes): Acoustic equations, diagonalizing a linear system, solving the Riemann problem. [slides]

Lectures for February 27, 2017

  • Video 5 (23 minutes): Euler equations of gas dynamics [slides]
  • Video 6 (24 minutes): Euler equations - Jupyter notebooks of true and approximate Riemann solutions [notebooks]