UW AMath

AMath 584, Autumn Quarter, 2011

Applied Linear Algebra and

Introductory Numerical Analysis

Homework 3ΒΆ

Due to dropbox by 6pm PDT, November 4, 2011

(Use <ctrl>-click to download rather than opening.)

You will also need the following figures in order to recreate the pdf file

With these in the same directory as the latex file, you should be able to type:

pdflatex am584hw3

to create the pdf file. See the latex file for how to incorporate graphics in the text.

See Least squares for some hints on solving least squares problems in Matlab or Python.

Please use latex to write up your solutions, by modifying this latex file and inserting your name, NetID, and solutions:

To run latex you will also need to have this file containing some useful macros that are used in the assignment and that you might also want to use:

See Homework 1 for more about latex.