UW AMath

AMath 584, Autumn Quarter, 2011

Applied Linear Algebra and

Introductory Numerical Analysis

Homework 1

Due to dropbox by 6pm PDT, October 7, 2011

Modified due date: 6pm PDT, October 10, 2011

Modified Assignment (October 3): am584hw1.pdf

A couple typos were fixed and the exercises from the book are now written out.

Also: If you can’t get latex working for this assignment, you are welcome to use another approach, but please submit at pdf file to the dropbox. You can submit a combination of latex for some problems and another approach for others if you want — it would be good to start getting some experience with latex!

Please use latex to write up your solutions, by modifying this latex file and inserting your name, NetID, and solutions:

You should submit to the dropbox a single pdf file named am584hw1.pdf that results from running latex on your modified file. Please keep this file name to help us in grading.

To run latex you will also need to have this file containing some useful macros that are used in the assignment and that you might also want to use:

If you have these two files, and if latex is installed on the machine you are using, you should be able to do:

pdflatex am584hw1

to convert the .tex file to a .pdf file.

We require typesetting your results for two reasons:

  • It’s a lot easier to grade!
  • You need to learn latex if you don’t know it already.

You should be able to figure out how to typeset most of what you need in the way of formulas by looking at how the input is typeset.

There are many latex tutorials avialable on line that can easily be found with Google. There is also a section of the discussion board for posting questions.

There are now some latex references in Some other references.