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AMath 584, Autumn Quarter, 2011

Applied Linear Algebra and

Introductory Numerical Analysis

Table Of Contents

Some other references

Some of the books listed below are SIAM e-books and available free if you access them from a UW computer. Or if you are off-campus, you can gain access by using the UW library off-campus proxy.

See also October 13, 2011 Math library news for more tips on ebooks.

For more SIAM e-book titles related to numerical linear algebra, see Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory list (See also the list of SIAM textbooks on this topic).

Linear algebra

[StrangBook]G. Strang, Introduction to Linear Algebra, Wellesley-Cambridge and SIAM, 2009.
[StrangClass]G. Strang, Linear Algebra, free on-line course course from MIT. (Great instructor!)
[Demmel]J. W. Demmel, Applied Numerical Linear Algebra, SIAM e-book, 1997.
[Stewart-1]G. W. Stewart, Matrix Algorithms: Volume 1: Basic Decompositions, SIAM e-book, 1998.
[Stewart-2]G. W. Stewart, Matrix Algorithms: Volume 2: Eigensystems, SIAM e-book, 2001.


[Driscoll]T. A. Driscoll, Learning MATLAB, SIAM e-book, 2009.
[Higham]D. J. Higham and N. J. Higham, Matlab Guide: Second Edition SIAM e-book, 2005.
[Moler]C. B. Moler, Numerical Computing with MATLAB, SIAM e-book, 2004.


[Dive-into-Python]M. Pilgram, Dive Into Python,.
[Python]G. van Rossum, An Introduction to Python,


[HighamChapter]N. J. Higham, Tex and Latex Chapter from: <i>Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences</i>, Second Edition, SIAM e-book. (See also Appendix B for latex symbols)
[GriffithsHigham]D.F. Griffiths and D.J. Higham, Learning LaTeX, SIAM, 1997

Advanced topics

[Dongarra-Duff]J. J. Dongarra, I. S. Duff, D. C. Sorensen, H. A. van der Vorst, Numerical Linear Algebra for High-Performance Computers,, SIAM e-book.