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Department of Anthropology colleagues

Burke Museum Archaeology staff

Prospective Graduate Students I am looking for highly-motivated students with strong interests in Southeast Asian archaeology and/or public archaeology. Please send me an email if you’re interested joining our graduate program.

Prospective graduate students should browse the Department of Anthropology Graduate Admissions Website, which has information about the admission requirements, scholarships, logistics, and support, and faculty and graduate student research interests. We rank applicants to the graduate program on the basis of the strength of their research statement, fit with faculty areas of expertise, and on their track record of academic achievement as shown through letters of recommendation, grades, test scores and examples of written work.

Graduate students can be offered teaching or research positions to help support their studies as available through the Department of Anthropology. Additional support may be available through research assistant and work/study positions at the Burke Museum, and for those who need to learn a foreign language, FLAS fellowships. Because internal funding is extremely limited, we encourage applicants to apply for external support, through NSF or other foundations.

Current Students
Anthropology PhD Advisees:
  • Amy Jordan (PhC Washington 2009) Faunal analysis, environmental archaeology, colonialism, feminist critique, ethics in archaeology; West coast of America and Indonesia
  • Jenn Huff (PhC Washington 2011) Mobility patterns and lithic technology of Pleistocene and Holocene highland Papua New Guinea, colonization and migration in island Southeast Asia, computer modeling; Asia and Oceania
  • Anna Cohen (PhC Washington 2012) Political economy, consumption; early urbanism; colonialism, politics and ethics of archaeology; survey methods; W Mexico, S Asia
  • Joss Whittaker (MA Washington 2013) Culture and environment, contact and exchange, trade, borders and frontiers; Southeast Asia
  • Jiun-yu Liu (PhC Washington 2015) Trade and exchange, social complexity, Taiwan, South China Sea, Southeast Asia
  • Lauryl Zenobi (BA Hawaii-Hilo 2012) Archaeobotany, charcoal, colonization, Oceania, Southeast Asia
  • Mikhail Echavarri (BS UC Riverside 2011) Cultural identity, heritage conservation, Southeast Asia

Anthropology PhD:
 Museology MA:
  • Katie Chobot (MA 2006)
  • Latasha Richards (MA 2007)
  • Rachel Evans (MA 2007)
  • Allison Deep (MA 2009)
  • Dena Sedar (MA 2009)
  • Brooke Shelman (MA 2009)
  • Kim Owens (MA 2009)
  • Kelsey Lutz (MA 2010)
  • Samantha Halstead (MA 2013)
Anthropology BA-honors:
  • Peter Nelson (BA 2007) Thesis title: Power and Place: The Dynamics of Non-Verbal Communication in the Human-Landscape Interrelationship at Fort Vancouver (Curtis Weinker Award for Best Honors Thesis 2007)
  • Ian Ostericher (BA 2012) Thesis title: Islam and Dutch Conquest: Archaeological Evidence of Islam from BN1, Banda Naira, Maluku, Indonesia (Curtis Weinker Award for Best Honors Thesis 2012)
  • Alexandra Jacobsen (BA 2013) Thesis title: The Menkaure Valley Temple: Past and present archaeological evidence of the Menkaure Valley Temple by Ancient Egypt Research Associates